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Folkevirke's magazine - "Folkevirke"

About the cultural magazine "Folkevirke"

"Folkevirke" is a quarterly magazine, in which each issue focuses on a special topic within a cultural, political or social area. Each topic is illustrated from the greatest possible number of aspects, thereby giving the reader a good basis for taking his stand on the questions asked and improving his possibilities for taking part in debates on public matters.
Special magazines are sometimes issued to present discussion material for study circles.
"Folkevirke" is another aspect of Folkevirke's adult education. Apart from bringing an up-to-date list of activities throughout the country,

With the adult education - on Grundtvig's ground - we help creating well informed, critical citizens, not easy to kick around, but aware of our responsibility, ready to play our active role in a developed democracy.

Printed issues of the magazine may be ordered by applying to Folkevirkes office:
e-mail: folkevirke@folkevirke.dk.

Medlem af Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd