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The aim of Folkevirke

The aim of Folkevirke is:

"Folkevirke - social - cultural political information" is a cross-country, cross-party adult education organisation founded in 1944.

Folkevirke's working fields are centered round social, cultural, and political aspects in which we wish to engage through a binding, open and unprejudiced dialogue.

Folkevirke is working across all dividing lines - social, cultural, political, geographical, religious and age-related.

Folkevirke's aim is to bring new initiative to adult education. Folkevirke wishes to promote an active dialogue, thereby offering the participants a better foundation for engaging themselves in the democratic process.


What is Folkevirke?

 Folkevirke consists of individuals, local circles and committees which are dealing with adult education in various ways, as well as a number of affiliated organisations for which Folkevirke can be a natural cultural dimension to their professional and socially related activities.

Subscription is paid as set by the shareholders' committee.

Medlem af Dansk Folkeoplysnings Samråd